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Civil Appeal in Michigan Court

An appeal is a proceeding in which a higher court reviews the actions taken by a trial court. Appeals are generally limited to a review of the record from the lower court. We handle appeals concerning civil cases on behalf of individuals, families, and businesses throughout Michigan. Appellate practice is different from practice in the trial courts. The success of an appeal depends on the quality of the brief (the written argument submitted to the appellate court). The brief must identify the issues that will “turn the case around,” and it must be clear and convincing. That is the kind of brief we write.

A civil appeal is a means by which to uncover the errors that may have occurred in the trial court. Either or both sides can file an appeal (sometimes neither side is happy with the result). The parties then prepare a record from which three appellate justices (if the appeal is from Superior Court) will look to see if there was any error. There are two parts to the record; the clerk’s transcript, consisting of all the court documents and evidence that was presented at trial; and the reporter’s transcript, which is the transcripts of all the testimony and arguments to the court. The appeal is entirely taken from this record. There is no new testimony or evidence.

Appellants seeking to overturn an unfavorable lower court order, decision, verdict, or judgment, as well as respondents and appellees wishing to uphold a lower court success, turn to us  to take on their appeales. We provide:

- A responsibly creative approach to the application of the law,
- In-depth research due to his high tolerance to research and analysis,
- A gifted talent at writing a persuasive appellate brief,
- An understanding of business relationships with law,
- The wisdom to know the difference between "what is" and "what should be"
- An understanding of the need to be accessible.
- A clear, concise exposition, which persuasively presents your client's position    to the court.
- Reliable, effective and clear communication of the law
- Professional presentation

After Civil Judgment in Michigan - Some Options

Option 1 (Motion for New Trial)

Option 2 (Motion for Reconsideration)

A a motion for rehearing or reconsideration of the decision on a motion must be served and filed not later than 14 days after entry of an order deciding the motion.

Option 3 (Motion for Installment Payments)

The motion will be granted without further hearing unless the plaintiff files, and serves on the defendant, written objections within 14 days after the service date of the defendant’s motion. If objections are filed, the clerk must promptly present the motion and objections to the court.

Option 4 (File Appeal) 

An appeal of right in a civil action must be taken within 14 days (some case) and 21 days (other cases) after entry of the judgment.

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Examples of civil cases our attorneys have handled on appeal:

Child custody and support cases
Complex commercial landlord/tenant disputes
Breach of contract disputes
Partnership dissolutions
Personal injury claims
Probate litigation and will contests
Real property/real estate disputes
Fraud claims
Employer and employee disputes

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